Late Night Menu

Whether you were too busy to eat supper or you’re just hungry again, sometimes you crave a late night snack. All too often, that means grabbing chips or candy. We believe you can do better. At 210 Ceviche, we provide tasty appetizers, ceviches and solteritos—single tacos and tostadas—to cure any late night attack of the munchies without breaking the bank!


If you’re in the mood for something spicy, Aguachile del Verde will wake up your taste buds. This extra hot creation pairs crispy cucumbers with citrus-cured shrimp, red onions and fresh cilantro in a spicy jalapeño marmalade. For something not quite so hot but still tangy, try 210 Coctel Camaron—cooked shrimp with diced tomatoes, jalapeños, onions and cool avocados served with cocktail sauce. Even milder: Quesadilla Marilyn Monroe—corn or flour tortillas stuffed with smoked Marlin a la Mexicana and Muenster cheese.


Three of our tastiest ceviches are also featured on the late night menu. Estilo Sierra features minced wahoo fish cured with lime and jalapeños and matched with a fresh medley of vegetables including cucumbers and onions. Tres Islas matches fresh lime-cured shrimp with tomatoes, white onion, cilantro and cucumber. If you’re feeling adventurous and hungry, try 3 Amigos—shrimp, octopus and fish cured in lime and matched with diced red onion, cucumber and orange marmalade.


If you’re just a bit hungry, 210 Ceviche has late night bites in small portions. Our tasty Solteritos provide a single serving of four delicious options. Tostada Estilo Sierra, Tostada Tres Islas and Taco Marilyn Monroe represent a single serving of our tasty appetizers and cevices. Tostada Al Capon (Clamato) is a single serving of our cured shrimp or fish cevice, served with lime Clamato marmalade on a crispy tostada shell. Delicious, and just right to satisfy a late night craving!