Fish from the Pacific Coast of Mexico

Many Americans associate Mexican cuisine exclusively with tacos, enchiladas, refried beans and tequila. However, fish is also prominent in Mexican cooking, especially along the Pacific coast. In fact, the region near Mazatlan has long been recognized as an ideal spot for fishing for both food and sport. Many of the dishes served at 210 Ceviche feature fish and seafood from the Pacific coast region, including our signature dish, ceviche.

Pacific Coast Fishing and Cuisine

Whether fishing for food or sport, the Pacific coast region is an ideal location. Among the fish that can be found in this region are tuna, marlin, sailfish, wahoo and bonito, a fish similar to tuna. Dishes popular in the Mazatlan region naturally feature locally-caught fish and seafood. Among the regional favorites are grilled fish, fish tacos and ceviche.

Ceviche features raw fish and seafood marinated and cured in citrus juices like lemon or lime. This process “cooks” the fish much like preparing it with heat, giving it a firm texture. Other ingredients include fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, celery, onions and corn, seasoned with cilantro, chile or other bold spices. This tasty dish is both filling and pleasing to the palate.

Pacific Coast Cuisine at 210 Ceviche

Even if you can’t make it to the Pacific coast, you can still enjoy delicious seafood dishes inspired by the cuisine of the region right here at 210 Ceviche. Our menu features tasty dishes like grilled fish or shrimp tacos stuffed with seafood and served with cabbage, pico and chipotle sauce and Tres Islas, a delicious ceviche served with citrus-cured fish or shrimp matched with diced tomatoes, onion, cucumber, jalapeno and fresh cilantro.

At 210 Ceviche, you can enjoy a bit of the Mexico’s Pacific coast right here in San Antonio. Stop by our friendly, casual restaurant today. Your taste buds and your stomach will thank you!