The Benefits of Dining Local 

Dining or purchasing food at local restaurants and businesses in your neighborhood and town can be a great way to support local businesses. But eating local doesn’t just help your local business, it offers many benefits to you and your local community as well. Here are a few reasons to eat local.  

Improve the Local Economy  
For every $100 spent at a local business, $68 remained in the city. But only $43 remains in town if you spend $100 at a national chain.  

Local restaurant owners are also more likely to support the local economy as well, shopping for supplies locally and patronizing other local businesses. The money they spend with local farmers and growers also stays in the community and helps grow the economy even further.  

Create more local jobs  
Local businesses create the majority of economic growth, employing more than 78 million Americans, and creating more than 2/3 of jobs in the private sector. Most new jobs are created by small local businesses.   

It’s good for the Environment
Dining locally helps support the environment. Purchasing locally grown foods helps maintain farmland and green space in your community. Eating locally means you also eat seasonally, meaning that your food was picked at the peak of ripeness rather than being harvested early and shipped a long distance.   

Locally Grown Food is Healthier  
When you dine local, there are fewer steps between you and your food’s source. That means you (or the local chef) will know where your food comes from & who grew it, how it was grown & harvested, and how it was brought to market. Locally grown food is also higher in nutrients, due to the shorter distance between harvest and your local café.   

Build a Stronger Community 
Locally owned businesses often host events for local groups and support local schools and teams. By dining locally, you’re helping support these events and groups as well, and contributing to building a stronger local community.   

Dining locally is one of the best things you can do to help boost your local economy and maintain the uniqueness of your city or town. Make sure your next meal, café, or food purchase is from a local business and help foster that sense of community.   

Come dine with us and support San Antonio’s commerce and community.